Friday, July 14, 2006

First project of “Eastern Expressway”.

Dear Friends,

Let me welcome(ing) you to the first project of “Eastern Expressway”. An Art exhibition accompanied by a series events with an interdisciplinary approach, schedule to start by the of August to mid October, at Protestant (Evangelic) City Academy the Frankfurt/Germany. The project is curated by Jakob Hoffmann, Christian Kaufmann and Marc Petzoldt.

The blog, “Eastern Expressway” ( is a pre-forum to share and enhance the discussion among a selected group of artists, journalists, interested individuals and organizers on the main subject line of this project.

“The troubled region of the Middle East has been a hot spot for media attention for long time. Exemplary “Eastern Expressway” takes two of the most diverse countries, Iraq and Iran. Both countries are marked by a radical breach of culture and society always accompanied by fractured images. To what extent can creativity flourish under such enduring repressive situation prevailing in both countries? Is it possible at all; if so then under what conditions? Which mechanisms of violence and control face the artists in the respective countries? (Introducing of Eastern Expressway, please find the full version at:

Julia Gerlach, German Journalist and writer of publications focusing on the Arab world, will accompanied this blog during its “lifetime” (schedule from July to mid October), she will lead the discussions, analyse your contribution and assiting the blog participants by focusing on one or two main subject lines. The blog is open forum among the participants of this exhibition, interested visitors and many others. It will be vibrant that you and others will contribute to the blog with your written thoughts, ideas and inputs to make this forum a place that visitors of the exhibition will understand the region within your eyes, thoughts and mind. The blog will be during the exhibition accessible in the show rooms at Protestant (Evangelic) City Academy in Frankfurt/Germany.

Allthough this should be an open forum - open to your discussions and you deciding on the topics discussed we would like to start the discussion by asking you to concentrate on the relationship between art, politics and origin:

Art is a universal language. There should be bounderies and borders between artists and art is understandable all over the world. Art can build bridges between the cultures. Really? From your experience, living in very different countries: In Iran and Iraq or living as Artists of middle Eastern origin in Europe, how would you difine your work. Is your homecountry, your origin your place of living substantial to your artistic expression? (Please be so kind to write some lines on the question. It would also be great if you could - in order to introduce yourself to the other participants - write a little about yourself and your work.

Again, in the name of the curator, I would like exhilarate your interested to contribute with your thoughts to this blog. Please feel free to contact Julia Gerlach (email:, Jakob Hoffmann ( and Marc Petzoldt.(

Marc Petzoldt
Curator 'Eastern Expressway”


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